2 New travel rods available to try at Careysville

fly fishing ireland salmon flies for the river blackwater
New salmon fly order has arrived
23rd February 2017
salmon fishing in ireland
Presentation for landing the 1st salmon in Ireland 2017
3rd March 2017

2 New travel rods available to try at Careysville

Salmon Fishing Travel Rods

New for 2017, Careysville this year hosts 2 new travel rods for guests to try out.

With the cost of bringing fishing rods on flights varying between €30 – €50 one way and also the risk of damage (as has happened to me) multi section travel rods are getting increasingly popular.

Gone are the days when these multi sectioned rods had irregular test curves due to the number of joints. Rod technology has moved forward and carbon fibre evolved, so modern travel rods are no different in test curve and tip action, to their sister 3 and 4 piece rods, and perfect for salmon fishing.

So with all that in mind, we invite our guests to try out 2 of this new era of travel rods…..

Loop Cross ST – 6 piece 13ft 2   #8   Med – Fast €1,199 (includes free Loop multi reel)

Salmon Fishing Travel Rods careysville


Hardy Demon Smuggler Salmon  – 6 piece  14ft 6   #10/11   Med – Fast   €819.00

Both these rods are available here from Clonanav Fly Fishing

Last October I took the Loop 13ft 2 over to the Tweed in Scotland and used it throughout the week.  It fitted into my holdall, so no extra baggage charges and in it’s metal tube, surrounded by clothes, there was no fear of it being broken. I landed 4 salmon up to 13½ lbs on it and I found it a dream to use. Due to it’s 13ft spec, it handled medium to low water fishing very well. Obviously for larger water, using heavier lines and flies, the 14 – 15ft version would have been more suitable.

2 new Salmon Fishing Travel Rods