Careysville introduce our own catch limits for 2020

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3rd October 2018
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Careysville introduce our own catch limits for 2020

17th October 2019

Careysville Fishery 2020 Rod Catch Restrictions 

2019 was another challenging year for many salmon rivers internationally and the River Blackwater specifically, as wild salmon stocks continue to decline.

The Lismore and Careysville Estates are increasingly concerned about this decline, which we have been monitoring over the past few years. While we appreciate a collective response is required from all riparian interests, Inland Fisheries Ireland and other interested  parties to arrest this decline in  Atlantic salmon, we have considered carefully what conservation measures Careysville might specifically adopt to help preserve remaining salmon stocks in the River Blackwater.

We therefore feel we can no longer justify removing multiple salmon from the river catchment of which Careysville forms part, while stocks are at their present levels.  However, we also recognise that some of our guests may wish to take a salmon home, while it remains legal to do so.

Given our catch records over the last few years, we maintain that the current Irish State catch policy, led by Inland Fisheries Ireland, of 10 fish per season per angler, including three a day in summer is not sustainable. Consequently, catch allowances will and need to be reduced and as a responsible fishery we wish to actively contribute to reversing the decline in salmon stocks. Therefore, in 2020 Careysville will be introducing its own stricter rod catch limits. These are:

  1. Each guest is entitled to keep 1 salmon in any 1 week, however we do encourage guests to operate a “catch & release” policy.
  2. Should a guest revisit Careysville later in the season, they may take 1 fish during that week.
  3. Once a guest keeps a salmon, they may continue to fly fish only on catch and release.
  4. Spinning is not permitted, after that guest has kept their salmon.
  5. If a fish is bleeding from the gills, it must be kept as the guest’s 1st fish. If that guest has already taken a salmon, then the fish is given to the house and cannot be taken by the guest.
  6. Any coloured salmon in August and September are to be returned

We do appreciate that these measures may seem disproportionate to some, but given our declining catch records and the undisputed reduction in salmon stocks on the Blackwater and nationally, we feel our decision is the correct approach. However, we will review our policy at end of 2020 season.

We do hope you will support our approach by which and the efforts of many others, be they riparian owners and interests, policy makers, and anglers we might reverse the decline in salmon stocks so that following  generations might enjoy the same quality of fishing we have experienced in the past.

Kind regards

Patrick Devennie

Fishery Manager, Careysville