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Fishery Manager: Patrick Devennie
Telephone:   +353 (0) 86 2378788
[email protected]

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Estate Manager:Maura Bielski
Telephone:  +353 (0)25 31094 (Careysville) Or  +353 (0) 86 2140111 (mobile)
Email:  [email protected]

Post Address: Careysville House, Clondulane, Fermoy, Co.Cork, Ireland P61 VF53
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Fermoy to Careysville. (M8 motorway, Cork airport & Dublin)
Head out on the N72 to Tallow and when passing Lidl supermarket on your left, set your trip meter to 0. After 2kms turn left at sign for Clondulane. Follow this road through Clondulane village. When coming out of the village, there is a dip in the road and you will pass 2 speed signs on each side of the road. Walled entrance to Careysville is just past the speed signs on the left and exactly 3.9 kms from Lidl.


Lismore to Careysville (Rosslare Harbour)
At Lismore bridge turn right for Mallow, Fermoy and Ballyduff on the R666. Set trip meter to 0. At Ballyduff village (8.9 kms) turn left and go over Ballyduff bridge. At Ballyduff bridge set trip meter to 0. Immediately after Ballyduff bridge turn right and drive along this road as it follows the river,  to the entrance to Careysville. After 11.6 kms from Ballyduff bridge and just before you pass the speed signs at the edge of Clondulane village, turn right at the walled entrance to Careysville


Cork Airport 1 hour,   Dublin Airport 3 hours,  Shannon Airport 1 hour 30 mins,   Rosslare Harbour 2 hours 20 mins,    Dun Laoghaire 3 hours